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Exterior aluminium persiennes

The exterior roller blinds are universal sunscreen and thermal isolation product.

The main advantages of this kind of blinds are:

  • Detailed climate conttrol: They don’t allow the extreme heating/cooling of the glass and therefore better the thermal isolation qualities of the windows with about 30%, saving energy expenses. They don’t allow the development of condense and humidity on the glasses of the windows.
  • Cleaner living envirement: Stop the dust and dirtiness from the busy streets and boulevards. They lower the noise levels.
  • Better security: The malicious penetration through the windows and balcony doors with lowered blinds is extremely hard and almost impossible.
  • Detailed light control: Easy dosage of the sun light, the blinding effect is avoided. Helps to protect furniture from the harmful ultraviolet sun beams.
  • Detailed comfort: Shield from unwanted looks and secure restful sleep at any time of day.
  • Higher value: The roller blinds raise your home’s value, also extending the life of the windows, floors, furniture etc.

Not an expensive luxury, but an investment which pays out in any respect.

The automation of exterior blinds has developed as a steady trend in the last years – this way not only the annoying and labor-intensive rolling up and down is escaped, but also allows for a wider dimensions of the blinds, extends their life with reliable systems. The sooner in the process of planning of the construction or remediation of the building they are included, the easier it will be for the automation to be implemented. We also offer automation of already mounted exterior roller blinds.