Roman Blinds

А spectacular product! The Roman blinds are one interesting solution for the design of your windows. The modern design of the rooms requires the addition of non standard shapes with silver coating for the additional thermal and light isolation. An exotic appearance can be achieved with the blinds „Night and Day“, made of two models colorful fabrics, with different level of transmittance. This offers you the opportunity to experiment with the light in your rooms.

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds are simple and at the same time elegant variant to finalize the furnishing of your room. Whether they will be aluminium or wooden they will contribute to the cosyness and the atmosphere of your home, office or villa.

They give you the opportunity to regulate the stream of light in the room according to your preference. In the vast diversity of color choices you are guaranteed to find the shade you are looking for. They are extraordinary in combination with a walleye or а curtain, which would give a beautiful and complete look of your interior. Easy to use mechanism,.

  • Rich choice of colors
  • Width of the lamella from 16 to 25mm
  • Side opening of wings


Most commonly the vertical blinds are stripes of special textile 89mm wide. They are particularly good in the dimming of larger areas like balconies, „french windows“. Fully closed they offer privacy and resistance to sun light. They can be operated with left or right hand, thus closing to the left or right accordingly and also can be divided in the middle. They come in a big variety of colors and modern textures. The powder coated aluminium rail guarantees easy and fast movement.